Sea Turtles & Plastic Bags

Sea Turtles & Plastic Bags
by Jill Lankford

Wait a minute…plastic bags “inside” the reusable bag?  Nooooo.  

These two are never meant to communicate with one another.  

Well, let’s face it, we are busy people thinking of so many things at one time…sometimes we just forget our reusable grocery bags.  We do however have temporary fix options.  We can ask for paper…we know…we know…sometimes they are out of paper, (dread!!)….just take the plastic in that case…run quickly to your car so no one sees you and head home.  No need to panic..quickly place it into the reusable bag you haphazardly left at home.  

The next time we are at that major store like Publix, Target or Walmart, simply place it into the handy dandy recycling bag receptacle outside.  

Remember…sea turtles think that these plastic bags could be jelly fish and want to eat them.  Once they get started on the bag, they cannot stop because unlike ourselves, they cannot cough it back up (regurgitate).  It is going down the hatch.  We know you do not want this.  Look how stinking cute they are.  So please, ask for paper or keep a lot of those reusables in your car or your near your keys.  

The ultimate goal is to keep that plastic bag out of circulation, but if we can at least keep them out of the landfills where they tend to take flight somewhere else, we are making long strides toward our goals.