Sea Turtle Signal

Sea Turtle Signal
by Jill Lankford
Did you know that scuba divers have a universal underwater hand signal for sea turtle? 

This is one of many signals they have created to communicate with one another and alert fellow divers of the potential cuteness or impending danger headed their way.  Incredible!! And let’s face it….Blblblblea blblblurtle may not translate very well underwater.

If you can imagine, the sea turtle signal may quite frankly be one of many anticipated ones for a diver.  Wonders of the sea like our sea turtles are why divers explore and experience our fascinating underwater world.

This signal resonated with us at STPS, which is why we want to share it with all of our land dwelling sea turtle lovers.  If you are out and about and do not want to startle the nesting turtles, but want to point her out to your inner circle, this may be just the way to do it.

Here are some of our volunteers showing you just how it’s done. Make sure you rotate those flippers…