Tracking Turtles... Weekly Update

Here is the next update on our two remaining transmitter turtles from Dean Bagley herself.

"Spencer has moved back to the north, in the same general area he has been using for a while now, west of the Marquesas. His last location was immediately to the left of the date.

Kevin, after spending so much time in Boca Grande Channel, has decided that west of the Marquesas is the place to be, and has stayed in pretty much the same location for the last week. His last hit was just to the right of the date.

Just for fun, I created a single map with Spencer and Kevin. They are about 3.2 km apart, in the Inwater Research study site.

I'm adding Redfoot's final map, in case anyone missed it. His last transmission was received on 10-2-17. Remember, he was north of the southern end of the 7-mile bridge in the Keys. All of that green area is the shallow water flats to the north of Bahia Honda State Park, on the south (west) side of the bridge."