Tracking Turtles... Redfoot and Spencer post-Irma!

Redfoot and Spencer have survived Irma! Here are the latest updates on these male greens! 

The second map of each that shows movements during the storm until now. Dean Bagley said she has no idea what to make of it, but there was definitely movement during that time. The movements during and after the hurricane are shown with dots, whereas the movements prior to that are just tracks with no dots. 


Redfoot had settled in a nice cluster north of the 7-mile bridge. You can see the last day or so of hits in the left side of the cluster of tracks. Once Irma arrived, he began moving around. His last location as of yesterday was the furthest to the right, north of about Shands Key, north of Marathon.


Spencer seemed pretty happy west of the Marquesas, but when Irma came through he also began moving around. He stayed in the same general location, but movements were pretty impressive.