Volunteer Spotlight: Michael Petrillo

 Michael Petrillo
Doing the Job No One Else Wants
By Sarah Tolson

Michael Petrillo has been with STPS for a few years. His son, Mark, was involved with STPS first.  Mark is the reason why STPS hosts the Turtle Krawl 5k fundraiser each year. Mark, knowing his dad is very persuasive, quickly recruited Michael as a vital part of the Turtle Krawl committee. Michael claims to do the job "no one else wants"--going out to get our sponsors!

Michael was a pharmaceutical representative for 42.5 years, so sales is in his blood!  A few years ago, Michael's son Mark was Turtle Krawl race director.  Overwhelmed, he told his dad about how he was struggling with sponsorships, so Michael came down the following year and took over.  Mark says "of all the volunteer tasks, without a doubt, sponsorship is the hardest position to fill" and that his dad is a "pro!" He also explains that "the other races wish they could have someone like him!"

Michael is a huge part of the logistics behind our Turtle Krawl sponsorship programs and acquisition of donations. Although he is a snowbird and can only recruit sponsors locally during the cooler months, Michael stays involved when he's home in Pennsylvania by constantly communicating with the Turtle Krawl committee, especially his apprentice Jenny, and volunteers.  Check out some of the amazing Turtle Krawl sponsors Michael has helped us get this year here!

Mark explains "he's been the most generous person that I know in terms of volunteering and giving his time, as well as being there for anyone.  And I would say this if he wasn't my father, I promise! When you have someone like that, and he's great at sales, it's just the perfect fit!"

When in Florida, Michael has attended STPS monthly membership meetings, transported a sea turtle, and more. He continues to learn more about turtles all the time, and would love to be involved more if he wasn't a snowbird!

Michael's advice for becoming more involved with STPS is to show a commitment to want to help the environment and sea turtles.  Michael explains "if you love the environment, if you love the turtles, if you love Brevard County, what better thing is there than to join and help sea turtles survive?" Come to a meeting, get to know what we do, and JUMP IN!

Michael STILL holds the Turtle Krawl Course Record for fastest time by a Competitive Walker.  He set this back in 2012 at 34:24.1. Way to go Michael!

Michael, we are lucky to have you!