Tracking Turtles... Experiencing Redfoot's tagging and release!

Craig Konkel, STPS board member and turtle walk permit holder, received a wake up call at 3:00 am one morning! He jumped out of bed at the opportunity to see an adult male green getting tagged for research.  He met Dean Bagley, researcher, and volunteers early that morning to glue the transmitter on Redfoot.  After gluing on the transmitter, they had to paint the glue.  Craig said they were "literally watching paint dry" to release Redfoot.

Even though he had bug bites all over the place, he was remembers the best part being the moment they removed the box and let him go back to the water. 

Craig recalls that, even though it was about a three and a half hour process, it was very exciting to see a male green turtle with a humongous tail! He added that it was very rewarding educational experience.

It was a night Craig will never forget! Check out some of his amazing photos below!