Tracking Turtles... Meet Redfoot and Spencer--tagged male greens!

Written with information from Dean Bagley. All research, data, images, and graphics used with permission from Dean Bagley.   Follow UCF Marine Turtle Research Group or learn more

Photo by Jim Stevenson

About Dean Bagley:  Dean Bagley is a Research Associate with the UCF Marine Turtle Research Group, where she's worked since 1989. She earned both her B.S. and M.S. degrees at UCF. She began satellite tracking large immature green turtles in 2000, tracked large immatures and adult green turtles in the Keys, and then began tracking adults at the Carr Refuge in 2013. As of 2017, we have tracked fifteen adult males, barely getting a glimpse of what they do. So far they have returned to different areas to forage.

Sea Turtle Preservation Society has provided funds for satellite transmitters and satellite time for Dean Bagley's marine turtle research since 2015.  This year, we've provided funds for sampling, gas, and the balance of funds to purchase a second transmitter for Dean's research to better understand male greens.

Redfoot and Spencer are two male greens that were attached with transmitters by the UCF group a few hours before they were released.

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Meet Redfoot

 The first turtle was named "Redfoot" for Bill Redfoot, who was an integral part of the UCF Marine Turtle Research Group since 1982. In addition to everything he did for the project, he was also the driving force behind publications about our work with marine turtles of the Indian River Lagoon, the Trident Submarine Basin, and long term trends in loggerhead nesting. Bill retired this year to spend more time with his wife, Ann. The turtle, "Redfoot" was found upside down in the swash zone on the Carr Refuge beach in June and released just about sunrise. 

Dean Bagley, STPS Board members Dori Hughes and Craig Konkel, member Karen Holloway-Adkins, and STPS Board member Nikia Rice were there for the transmitter attachment and release. 

Redfoot - July 17, 2017

Meet Spencer

The second turtle was named "Spencer" for Spencer Moberg, a middle school student in Deerfield Beach. Spencer created a program called "Passion Project 8th Grade" and raised $3,000 for STPS. They in turn, wanted to name a turtle for him. "Spencer" was found washed up on the Carr Refuge beach as part of a mating pair in June and released just before 4:00 a.m. He had an old healed injury to the left rear of his carapace. 

Dean Bagley, STPS Board members Dori Hughes, Cindy Ullmer and Kathy LeBresco were there for the transmitter attachment and release.

Spencer - July 16, 2017

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