Check it Out... Plastics artwork!

By Jill Lankford

Fast forward 50 to 100 years.  Now imagine a day when non-biodegradable plastics can only be seen in an art museum.  Technically, they will have to end up somewhere if they are indestructible, right? How about in the form of awareness art pieces that provide society with alternative use ideas?  Young Natalie Kendall, grand niece of STPS Member and Volunteer, Debra McPherson, has created an amazing collage made from items found on our local beaches.  By embedding discarded pieces of trash into her piece she is able to bring an awareness about pollution and how it impacts our eco-system.  What began a Central Middle School project for community service, ends up a national and possible international awareness piece.  Come to THQ (Turtle Headquarters) and see Natalie’s vibrant artwork displayed in our education center.  Do I hear the calling for a Plastics Artwork challenge?